lundi 14 octobre 2013

Manifesto 2013

Inspired by my previous post, by many reflections, conversations before, during and after the HEC Mosaic 2013 Summer School, here is the manifesto I live by. In a movie I like a lot (Jerry Maguire), the character of Jesus of CopyMat says something like: "That's how you become great, man. Hang your balls out there!" I guess this is it for me.

The key is knowledge and sharing knowledge. We are passionate about information; we have a desire for the best references and exclusivities but always want to share that value with others;

We are about content and know that it means competing unlike others. We own who we are, we are unconventional, unpredictable, we will be rare, unique, we will not compare with others, we will be ourselves;

We are confident, humble and we reach out for collaboration, constantly having fun (fun is smart not only entertainment);

We feel responsible for others, family as well as strangers, our city, our ideas and take ownership on their wellbeing, projects and future.  We put family first and always think of others before thinking of us, pushing them forward. We will be about serving others;

We take risks as we owe a hymn to failure and we think crisis is an opportunity;

We will be part of a league of extraordinary people, focus on the code of pure: values, convictions and ideals;

We take care of our body; we will be fit and lean, ready for any challenge;


We are disciplined and rigorous. We strive for routine patterns and out of comfort zone challenges. We are students of the perfect blossom: efforts will be daily, multiple and repetitive while victories are rare and brief; at every success, we will smile and know how beautiful discipline and rigor are; through them, routine, patience and devotion become significant. The little gestures in life are the most important ones; great things can transpire from small beginnings; 
We respect women and recognize our own feminine side;

We trust our instincts, live our life, listen to our bodies and follow our gut feeling;

We believe in franc parler: no bullshit to others or to ourselves;

We pursue passions that will change the world: information, sports, education, and mental health, etc. We believe in another model of news, in better, positive news. We are passionate about multiple performances (media and sports). We think knowledge is a life project. We will study psychology to understand our roots and those of others; 

We pursue passions that will drive knowledge: orchids, sports, coaching, movies.

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