mercredi 23 décembre 2015

Kobe's Love and Barça's Freedom

Kobe Says Goodbye to The Love of His Life
Dear Basketball
The OTHER Musk 

Black & Blue
“That’s absolutely ridiculous. You know why I made it to the NHL?
Because on the weekends, I’d get as far away from him as I could. I would stay out of the house all day by myself, with nothing but a hockey stick and a ball. Deking, deking, deking. Shooting, shooting, shooting. Over and over and over until the stick became an extension of my body.
That’s it. That’s why I made it.”

Destination, destination, destination 
Ask Karl Subban the secret to raising three NHLers (P.K., Malcolm and Jordan) and he’ll stress the importance of “loading their GPS at a young age”—giving young children long-term, big-picture goals

Coppola on failure 
“Apocalypse Now’ nobody wanted to finance, and I went in and hawked for it. That was sort of failure one, but then that became not only a classic, but financially—I own, to this day, ‘Apocalypse Now,’ which is very valuable. It’s like an apartment building. I always was by nature, someonelooking for what was the cinema, and not knowing, and not wanting to accept just whatever the standard was of the time.””

Thierry Henry Explaining Barça's Soccer Mentality and Philosophy

Jean-Philippe Gagnon

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