mercredi 3 février 2016

The Trail of Magic

No direction home 

The thing is, whether you're a newly graduating senior (in hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt) or a middle-aged, experienced knowledge worker looking for a new job, what the best gigs want to know is: Can you show me a history of generous, talented, extraordinary side projects?

Have you ever been so passionate about your work that you've gone in through the side door?
Are you an expert at something that actually generates value?

Have you connected with leaders in the field in moments when you weren't actually looking for a job?

Does your reputation speak for itself?

Where online can I see the trail of magic you regularly create?

None of these things are particularly difficult to learn, if you are willing to be not very good at them before you're good at them.

Alas, famous colleges and the industrial-education process rarely bother to encourage this.

René Angélil : les leçons d’un gestionnaire fils d’immigrant

8 leçons et analyse d'un leader par  Jacqueline Cardinal, biographe et chercheure associée à la Chaire de leadership Pierre-Péladeau (HEC Montréal).

The Question Mark Decade

Secret of Success from Dustin Hoffman 

Tout ce que j’ai appris dans le sport est utile

« À part retenir mon souffle, tout ce que j’ai appris dans le sport m’est utile : le travail d’équipe, le leadership, le fait d’être capable d’avoir un boss, d’avoir une vision à long terme ou de se donner des objectifs », indique-t-elle.

JP Gagnon

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