mardi 13 décembre 2016

Death by VR

Kevin Plank, Under Armour and Baltimore's transformation

Meanwhile, Plank will continue his agitations, small and large, to support the entwined futures of Under Armour and the city of Baltimore. “It is really hard work, it’s really dangerous investing, it’s really costly, and it’s a really big deal—but I think it’s the right thing to do,” he says. “What I really want to do in life is to build the baddest brand on the planet. I would love to do that at the same time as anchoring it in a city that could really use a hug. It seems like such a waste for us not to take advantage of the momentum that Under Armour has right now.”

Show me you have balls!

Julien Brault on the unbeaten path

Something extraordinary happened when I began to say exactly what I was thinking, what I wanted and where I was going. In other words, when I shared the fucking truth.

Denis Villeneuve sur la suite de Blade Runner

«Ryan et moi sommes des immenses fans de Blade Runner. On s'est dit dès le départ que le projet est magnifique mais que nos chances de succès sont extrêmement limitées. Donc, on a beaucoup de plaisir à jouer dans une zone de risque aussi épouvantable. Et moi, j'ai vraiment du fun avec lui. Je n'ai jamais eu autant de fun avec un acteur. C'est effrayant!»

The ladder according to Patrick Pichette

When work starts feeling too comfortable, fire yourself; go get another job. For the vast majority of people, it is important to get out of the comfort zone. When you work for the same company for 37 years, it is very rare that it will keep you on your toes and give you the challenges you need to keep growing. I’ve had five careers – which sounds very millennial, but I think the millennials are right.

Never forget Easy Rider

Easy Rider represented a time when freedom meant freedom from material things, freedom from driving in six lanes of traffic to work twelve hours a day at a job you hate. Freedom in 1969 was the land, the land of the free and the brave. Freedom was peace and love. The word freedom has been co-opted. Today, freedom means freedom to be selfish, freedom to carry guns. Freedom to hurt the land and its inhabitants for the sake of commerce. Easy Rider reminds us how far we have strayed from that journey.

All in

Bryan Cranston:  Oh, it’s cyclical. I’m riding a wave right now, and I recognize that. I wanna do as much work as I can, do the best I can.  And when it’s all said and done and they say, “Get outta the water, you’re done,” I wanna be so exhausted that I look forward to it. It’s, like, “Oh, you’re right.” I don’t wanna have anything left in the tank.

Stay in the real world

As developers, artists and storytellers, if we are collectively successful in our individual endeavors then we will all contribute to the death of VR.

JP Gagnon

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